" My name is Cyrille Aron. I am a young artist based in Brussels, Belgium. I have a master’s degree in Comics and Publishing from the Superior school of arts Saint-Luc Bruxelles. My background revolves around drawing, comic books and illustration. For two years I have yet dedicated myself mainly into painting. I explore oilpoainting on different supports and materials from linen canvas to wood and slate. This attention to the object and its materiality interests me in relation the feelings of depth, light and naturalism peculiar to oilpainting. My style has a traditionnal feel since it is quite influenced by the realistic approach of oilpainting but if I indeed nurrish myself in art history, subjects, compositions and scales are not traditionnal at all and my artistic intention is comtempory. I approach skatedboard painting in this perspective. I am really sensitive to the very recognizable form and materials of the board. This easthetic and functional shape is directly connected to an modern and urban culture in wich I relate completely. In my personnal approach of skateboard art I am mainly looking to contrast with this culture by using traditionnal references, natural subjects, precious touch and effects specfific to oils painting. In this process, the board is deprived of its functional use and draged into the precious and precarious world of decoration piece. Yet even hanged on a wall, the board still preserve its shape and its contempory aura and I believe is revealed in a new way without losing its core meaning. "





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Chalk Custom Board is an open collective of custom board artists coming from different kinds of worlds : graphic designers, painters, street artists, engravers, wood shapers, screenprinters... The collective is based in Brussels, Belgium.

Every board is a unique piece, handmade by the artists.

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