Esteve Ayma, who was born and raised in Catalonia, and is now 29 years old, first came into contact with skateboarding when he was 11, and has been surrounded by other board sports - like surfing and snowboarding - ever since. Eight years ago, while pursuing a degree in graphic design, Esteve realized he craved something that would allow him to disconnect from reality, really get his hands dirty and bring on a feeling of genuine creation during a time when nearly everything is made using a computer. One afternoon, he borrowed his flatmate's jigsaw, grabbed some wood off the street and shaped his first ever skateboard. This was the beginning of AYMA Boards, a small company, which specializes in producing sexy, wooden, handmade skateboards. Today, AYMA Boards offers impressive, customizable designs, and regularly organizes well-known workshops, where you can learn how to design, create and decorate your own skateboard. 



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Chalk Custom Board is an open collective of custom board artists coming from different kinds of worlds : graphic designers, painters, street artists, engravers, wood shapers, screenprinters... The collective is based in Brussels, Belgium.

Every board is a unique piece, handmade by the artists.

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