Valentin Bouriaud AKA bûchette is a french product designer who started shaping longboards in 2019 using the thin air press technology. From building the mold to apply the varnish on the deck, every piece he makes is unique. He sees the whole process as a source of inspiration : The choice of wood, colors or the way he builds the mold will impact the next steps of his work and influence the shape, the artwork, or even the grip job of the final piece. Bûchette is always paying attention to details. Top of the board, bottom and edges are always having a kind of conversation. Through his projects, his main will is to celebrate the aesthetics of the wood and its singularities. Paint, marquetry, carving, burnt wood... he wants to explore a variety of techniques to serve each concept at its best and never get bored.  

Lately, he miniaturized a part of his work in order to develop more ideas and shapes in less time and with less material investment. He also sees this as a trial phase for getting back later to scale 1/1 on the nicest projects. His framed 1/3 scaled skateboards create scenes that reinforce the art piece status of his decks. Most of these handboard decks can be taken out of the frame for manipulation thanks to a magnet fixation on a bearing. Situated somewhere between hybrid objects and art sculptures, his new exploration frees even more his creativity and who knows where it is going to lead him next in the skate art world. 



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