"My name is Mario Cairo. I was born in a small town in the southern part of the Dominican Republic, Las Matas de Farfán. Since I can remember, art has been a part of my being. Skateboarding quickly became my second passion. I began skateboarding back in 1996, and since then, it has opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities, both in skateboarding and in my life as a whole. I moved to New York 6 years ago, and it has been an artistic breakthrough for me. Being in the creative spaces the city offers artists like me allows me to have a deeper appreciation for the artistic side of skateboarding. For me, finding a way to merge skateboarding and art is the key to expressing myself.

I use my art as a way to deconstruct moments and memories of places I've been or dreamed of. Then I recreate these moments in an organic and unique way to bring people to a state of mind that they can forget about the stress, the rush and take this trip to lay down in these tropical scenarios full of bright and warm colors. Influenced by the sea, nature, wildlife, modern art, and street art, my artwork has a little bit of everything mixed together. Costumbrismo, especially how it represents traditional life and ordinary landscapes in the Dominican Republic, is also an integral theme in my paintings. The process of creating a body of work on a larger scale now allows me to amplify this duality between human beings and their surroundings. These elements are what generally drive my creativity and passion to create."

CAIRO Mario - Red Cape




Unique piece / Handmade.

(Acrylic - Ink - Spray)

1.280,00 €

  • Avalaible
  • Sent within 5 days

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