" My name is Quentin Caillat, I’m 30 years old and currently live in Lyon, France. After 6 years in Emile Cohl, an art school based in Lyon, which provided me with traditionnal and digital techniques, I’ve been self-employed for three years now.

As far as I can remember, I see myself drawing and I never stopped to this day. Besides the professional orders I do, I draw all the time to improve my technique and finding ways to show what I have in mind.

I’ve also been skateboarding for 20 years and I’m quite involved with my local skateshop, graphically wise. I really want and do my best to enter this world which basically shaped who I am today.

I participated in an exhibition in 2018 with Art by Friends, a Gallery in Annecy, the city I grew up in. The purpose of this one was, I guess, pretty much the same as the European Custom Board Show, they invited over twenty artists to decorate a skateboard and the result was amazing.

Besides that, I did four boards graphics with a french brand called Doble Skateboards and currently working on a new serie with them. And last year I also had the huge chance to get contacted by Deathwish Skateboards thanks to a drawing I made of one of their team riders, Jon Dickson. They asked me to draw a pro model for him and the boards came out in october 2020.

Now I’m taking every opportunity I can to continue this artistic path because that’s really all I want to do, show what I do in exhibition, do concert posters, movie posters, pimping objects I buy in flea markets, continue to work for the skateboard industry and so on! "



CAILLAT Quentin - Croc/ Kong / Smoker - 2020


/ Technique : Spray Paint, Posca.

/ Size : 95 cm.

Unique piece / Handmade


650,00 €

  • Not Avalaible

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