DNART is a French-Vietnamese and self-taught artist based in Bordeaux with an interdisciplinary artistic practice working on a variety of surfaces including paper, walls, surfboards/skateboards and more recently on skin. Over the last few years, she developed a unique style that she describes as very detailed organic shapes and lines combined with geometric patterns inspired by her recents travels and growing interest in indigenous culture, art and crafts. 

In 2014, after her studies in advertising, she moved to Australia. This “6 months road trip” turns out to be almost 5 years experiencing the vibrant and multicultural Melbourne art scene, the laneways quickly became her favorite playground and had a big influence in her creative process. She started to display her works in the public space with body-painting, live art, collages, before moving to her studio and focus on her illustration & painting work, exhibitions, murals...after a few years immersed in this creative atmosphere, DNART decided to step back from the Melbourne Street Art scene to keep travelling and meeting with other creatives. She felt the need to explore new places to look for inspirations to develop her art. A year travelling and living in South-East Asia allowed her to live at a different pace and get many new inspirations, from the buzzy life and architecture of Hanoi, to the slow island life living barefoot in the surfing temple of the Philipines (Siargao) painting walls and living by the sea. She joined the creative community to organize art markets& drawing sessions with the kids (Siargao Creatives Project) during the 2020 lockdown. She’s now back in France, and recently joined the team of L’Echo studio as a resident tattoo artist.





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