" I am Abrahan Portocarrero (born 1992), aka Yandy Graffer, from Lima, Peru. A multidisciplinary artist, I started in the Graffiti scene in 2006, notably with aerosol, before creating large-scale murals. Expressive and colorful, my work is marked by the supremacy of line and contours. For some time now, I have been concentrating on a new universe turned towards a personal reflection on the meaning of life.

My work starts from the will to idealize the formation of the universe before the genesis, in this way my work is enriched by a more dreamlike dimension by proposing a reflection on the origins of life before the Creation and the celebration of the cycle of Life.

When everything was one: Heaven, Earth and Sea. The universe moved by a single creative energy. Before the division of the world and the emergence of life.... What was there? In the beginning there was the "fruit fish". And so, begins the cycle of life in my universe; after having been a fruitfish we enter a beautiful evolution and a new stage, in which we become amphibians, then reptiles. Today, I want to continue to explore the depths of my memory, to return, in a way, to the source of my imagination! Where it all began... To the "beginnings", in other words, to the "initial dreams" that served to build the matrix of all my artistic work.

I am also inspired by my roots, my national and family identities. This is how the character of the artisanal fisherman was born. Starting from my childhood memories, I became interested in the marine world. It is also what led me to reflect on the culture of my personal identity, and in large part my passion for the hip hop movement, which has strongly inspired me, whether artistically, in terms of clothing or music. It is this that finally pushed me to enter the world of graffiti in 2006. "



GRAFFER Yandy - Azumarill - 2021

/ Size : 111,5 x 93 cm.

Unique piece / Handmade


1.430,00 €

  • Not Avalaible

GRAFFER Yandy - Fractionnement - 2021

/ Size : 108 x 36 cm.

Unique piece / Handmade


1.287,00 €

  • Not Avalaible

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