" I’m Ali Hazri Wennstrom born in 1979 in Singapore. I quit school at the age of 12, as I know that I’m not really good in theory, I’m more of a practical person. I love building things since I was a kid. Working in odd jobs more or less “legally” just to survive in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore. I started sk8in in 1996 and went to the National Service as a firefighter in 97 for 2 years. My passion was to be a tattoo artist so I started to draw in 2003 while working in a local sk8shop; I kept on sk8ting and went to a few competitions in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Finally I fell in love with cooking as it’s another passion coming from my mum (the greatest cook on earth) - you should try her food one day. From there, I’ve became a cheff till this day and I’m living in Paris. Quitted my job 3 years ago to find a new passion. So found it! In May 2020 (during first lockdown of Covid) I started pyrography/wood burning, self-taught. Most of my artworks are inspired by my culture of South East Asia or to be precise “Nusantara” and a mixed of tattoo art. Cheers! "



HAZRI Ali - Skating puppets and a barong mask - 2021


/ Technique : Pyrography.

/ Unique piece / Handmade


1.950,00 €

  • Not Avalaible

HAZRI Ali - The Keris - 2021


/ Technique : pyrography.

/ Unique piece / Handmade


780,00 €

  • Not Avalaible

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