" GIB La Manufacture is the name under which I have been developing my artistic footprint since 2015. Inspired by nature and urban culture, I make realistic and geometric portraits of animals and put them in a context that tends to give us food for thoughts. Trained as an architect, I like to give importance to the living organisms in our daily life by showing the animals in our architectural heritage and natural landscapes. I like to confront cities and nature, humans and animals. To enhance this duality city-nature, I chose a vintage skateboard as support. I give a second life as artwork to a stock of the brand Reflex, produced in Annecy in the 70s. I use black ink in order to sharpen the contrasts of light and acr ylic paint to underline a singular feature of the animal and to provide context of its environment. I like to put a lot of details to be as realistic as possible, and through my compositions invite people to appreciate nature in the urban environment. "



GIB La Manufacture - Léquilibre - 2020


/ Technique : Acrylic paint on 2 skates made in 70's in annecy, france

/ Unique piece / Handmade


910,00 €

  • Not Avalaible

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