Hi! My name is Jakub Kuć. I was born in '87 in Poland. I graduated from Polish-Japanese Academy of IT in New Media faculty. On a daily basis I make computer games in Acid Wizard Studio -  indie game dev studio formed by me and two of my friends from college. In 2017 after six years of hard work we released our debut game called Darkwood. More than half of my life I have spent on a skateboard which is one of my greatest inspirations besides animation, music, computer games and comic books. Transfering my drawings on a skateboard and treating it as a canvas was always a very satisfying process for me. That's why I'm really happy that I can share it with more people. Grab a skateboard and paint it, then go shred it! Or other way round, whatever, do it!



ARTISTE - Nom de la planche



Triptyque phosporescent !

Unique piece / Handmade

(Peinture en bombe, acrylique et vernis)

Size: 80 cm x 20,5 cm

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Chalk Custom Board is an open collective of custom board artists coming from different kinds of worlds : graphic designers, painters, street artists, engravers, wood shapers, screenprinters... The collective is based in Brussels, Belgium.

Every board is a unique piece, handmade by the artists.

For more information you can contact us at chalkcustomboard@gmail.com