Bart is a graphic designer passionate about colors, shapes and urban cultures. He always try to diversify his use of

techniques, mediums, and expressions in order to discover new creatives paths. In his creations, everything strives to create a visual dance that’s a story in itself. Like a skatepark, his visuals transcribe the good curves and the fluidity of movements. Abstract or figurative, the shapes appear to make room for everyone’s imagination. Like a cocktail, his works seek to create a tasty blend in order to create an emotional connection for any viewer. Acrylic and woods are one of his favorite materials, welcome to his world!



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/ Unique piece / Handmade


1.200,00 €

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Chalk Custom Board is an open collective of custom board artists coming from different kinds of worlds : graphic designers, painters, street artists, engravers, wood shapers, screenprinters... The collective is based in Brussels, Belgium.

Every board is a unique piece, handmade by the artists.

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