Born le 1970, 25th of June in Nanterre (92), holder of a Masters in Plastic Arts (Paris 1 Sorbonne), artistic director and visual artist.

The painting is an object. On which the image unfolds. The canvas is a sensitive surface, a field of the possible, subtle topography of a landscape that is alternately smooth or rugged, bright or dark. Sensitive surface on which our psyche prints the unspeakable.

Stéphane Martin conceives his works as back doors to the secret garden of the screens on which his personal mythologies are projected, while preserving the viewer's an enigmatic dimension: between the familiarity of popular figures and their transformation in sacred image that parasites perception. An enigmatic glance, the unexpected proportion of a an economy of pictorial vocabulary reduced to the essential, an anachronistic technique which prevent the "recognition" of the subject. It is in this doubt, by this flaw in our certainties, that our gaze is stripped of any cultural referent to finally assume the image looked at with a new poetic sense. Each one of my works is an invitation to the reading of his inner world. A mirror that reflects everyone's poetic gaze, full of questioning certainty.

His work never ceases to question the status of the work, as an object-to-view. The image is a construction, an artefact whose evocative force is inseparable from the support on which it is built. form. Thus Stéphane Martin makes canvas, wood or metal significant supports. There are confronts popular imagery with sacred iconography, he also juxtaposes a universal mythology to an intimate Pantheon. As if to illustrate André Breton's definitively clairvoyant vision, the beauty he seeks to express is convulsive: Orpheus is an Italian boxer with monstrous proportions, Eurydice is a rubbergirl SM wrapped in latex, the pensive angel get the face of a movie memory from our childhood, the Announcement to Mary takes place "offscreen" in an altarpiece made of skateboards...

The golden background comes to sublimate the trivial, the trivial comes to embody, give flesh to the icon. It comes and goes between the profane and the sacred, reinforces both in a continuous flow of energy exchange and created a force field with the double and antinomic property of attracting you and keeping you at a distance. It is to this particular electro magnetic condition that some doors that we thought couldn’t be opened closed with double turn.



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