Mata7ik is a french artist based in Brussels, Belgium. He is the co-founder of Chalk Custom Board Project and the European Custom Board Collective Show.


Passionate about board design, he was already addicted by skate & surf graphics when he was a kid, collecting magazines and advertising and sticking the best graphics in his own secrete book. Mata7ik has always been riding on wheels, on a longboard, on a skateboard, on his bike...


He has collaborated and still collaborate with several brands and concepts such as DC Shoes, Blacklane skateboards, Woodnote boards, Drang boards, Long Days Longboards, MSTR, Lime Longboards, Fluide Longboards, the Coffee Clubs, FNAC, and is always in search of new challenges to keep on widening his art experience.


His own style could be defined as bold lines, natural shades, weird-but-pacifist fellows, organic patterns and duplications of shapes.


Mata7ik has been drawing and painting on various supports such as walls, wood, paper, cardboards, clothes...but he is now mainly customizing boards for Chalk Custom Board Project.

MATA7IK - The Battarfly - 2020


/ Technique : Posca & spraypaint.
/ Size : 180 x 190 cm.

Unique piece / Handmade


4.550,00 €

  • Not Avalaible

MATA7IK - The Birda7ik - 2020


/ Technique : Posca & Staedler.
/ Size : 80 x 80 cm.

Unique piece / Handmade


2.600,00 €

  • Not Avalaible

MATA7IK - The WallRusse - 2019


/ Technique : Staedler 0.1 mm and varnish.
/ Size : 80 x 55 cm.

Unique piece / Handmade


2.600,00 €

  • Not Avalaible

MATA7IK - The Flamingo - 2017


/ Technique : Posca and Screenprint.
/ Size : 80 x 35 cm.

/ 5 copies numbered series.


650,00 €

  • Not Avalaible

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Chalk Custom Board is an open collective of custom board artists coming from different kinds of worlds : graphic designers, painters, street artists, engravers, wood shapers, screenprinters... The collective is based in Brussels, Belgium.

Every board is a unique piece, handmade by the artists.

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