Born in 1993 in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Nigoull explores the urban ground while adapting his art to

many mediums and projects. At a very young age, by playing theater and clowning, he discovered

the improvisation gesture, the freedom of creativity and how to combine it to express his visual sensibility.

The artist's artworks show a strong heritage from this experience.

By using traditional tools (Indian ink, lino cut, acrylic) and urban techniques (collages, graffiti, murals,

costumization), he represents moving elements that bring a real exchange between the artwork and the spectator.

Mixing abstract and figurative icons, Nigoull gives an opportunity to be lost and to freely interpret every detail.

He regularly joins events throughout France and Europe to show performances, artistic collaborations and body paint.

Very attached to his roots, he often returns to his childhood's mountains to find his main source of inspiration.


NIGOULL - Trick-tyque - 2020




/ Technique : Posca, Acrylic, Spray.

Unique piece / Handmade


910,00 €

  • Not Avalaible

NIGOULL - Sauce Burger - 2020


/ Technique : Posca acrylic. Board made by Burger skate (Toulouse).

Unique piece / Handmade


520,00 €

  • Not Avalaible

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