Paper. A raw identity that we imagine to be flat, frozen, almost soulless. In the hands of the artist Solène Cael aka Soca, however, it becomes substance, it invents volume, its flatness becomes relief. Transforming its substance? Not really. Rather, to transcend it, to give it back a dimension that its life before sheet formatting knew.

The practice is carnal, emotional. It operates as a revelator. The 32-year-old artist developed her passion for paper during her graphic design degree. Folding, collage, association of colours... she first creates suspended geometrical forms, then freezes them on a flat surface. Technique still takes over sensitivity but, time and work, like a pen scribbling on a blank page, do their work. Research becomes experience. The path opens up to another dimension. “With volume, we perceive a painting differently according to the light and shadows, the interpretations are subjective, everyone sees what they want”.

Whether figurative or abstract, the possibilities are infinite, and the only limits are those of precision. “The paper does not support backtracking. The work requires precision, diligence and anticipation of its metamorphosis”.

After one year, the paper is no longer white. The path - with its bumps and hollows - has been mapped out, it promises to be rich in projects and collaborations with other artists are already in the papers.



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