Manchester born, Lyon based, Paul has been making  marks and slopping paint for fifteen years. 

Having screen printed for five years, Paul decided to  move country (fuck you Brexit) and finally 'go it alone'  and produce art.  

Paul’s work zeros in on bullies, using humour and  disturbing imagery to express a poisonous dislike to  unfairness and cruelty . His works are littered with  semiotics, sometimes of state sponsored violence,  batons, rubber bullets etc and often of animals. All of  this righteous anger may become a little tiresome for  the viewer, however, juvenile doodles and jokes are  never far behind in Paul’s work, an effort to reveal that  he too is searching for answers. Or perhaps writing  things like ‘Boris Johnson is a cotton headed bag of  donkey farts’ on a piece of work just makes him smile  after a long day. 

Colour! Glorious colour is equally important as content  in Paul’s work, having never heard the term ‘muted  palette’ whole spectrums bounce off the boards and  smack you right in your third eye. However vivid, his  use of colour is not random, but uses the concept of  complementary colour to enhance a painting. 

In closing, after making an effort to sound respectable  and writing in the third person, even though Paul’s  fingers at this moment are punching every word into the  computer, he would like to extend an invitation to enjoy  his work. 



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